Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wallpaper Art

Wallpaper Art

The Last Vampire Astronaut Project Vol 1

Posted: 02 Jun 2011 02:32 AM PDT

Last week our good friend, Jared Nickerson came up with a new, stunning project called The Last Vampire Astronaut! A new desktop wallpaper package free for download in collaboration with all the best illustrators out there! Check it out and here is some more information! Enjoy.

By Jared Nickerson:
I approached a number of artists awhile back to each create a piece based on my Last Vampire Astronaut character. I tried to mix up the style of artists but also select artists I respected.
The only stipulation I had was to keep some of the same thematic elements such as the crystals, brains, astronauts, and of course vampires. Besides that, I left it up to the artist to interpret the original design in anyway they wished.

We compiled the outcome into a 19 Artist wallpaper package which includes 20 different wallpapers all at 1920×1200 and 1600×1200 resolutions. You can download the wallpaper package here.

Also we are looking into possibly turning this into a gallery show here in Seattle. If and when this will happen though remains to be seen.

Involved artists are:
13fngrs, Alexandra Marchocka, Caramelaw, Cynthia França, Filip Komorowski, Glenn Arthur, Grelin Machin, Humannature84, Jackson Armstrong, Jared K. Nickerson, Nemons, Price, Quillograma, Raphael Vicenzi, Rubens Cantuni, Smatik, STBNSDBN, Stephen Chan, Wardell Brown

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