Tuesday, February 14, 2012

“5 Red Hot Love Icons – a Valentine’s Day Treat from YTD” plus 1 more - You The Designer

“5 Red Hot Love Icons – a Valentine’s Day Treat from YTD” plus 1 more - You The Designer

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5 Red Hot Love Icons – a Valentine’s Day Treat from YTD

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 01:09 AM PST

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these icons of loooove! Download them for FREE and spread the love to others by giving them the link  to this post. Also, kindly leave a comment as we’d like to know how you feel about these icons (and about us, for that matter).

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Help Ink and YTD Giveaway: Win a Shirt and Do Some Good

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 12:00 AM PST

Happy Valentine’s Day from You The Designer! Whatever relationship status you have right now, here’s a way for you to spread the love for now up to the rest of the week!

You The Designer has written a lot about T-shirt design in the past because, what better way to flaunt your good taste while walking down the street than with a suave design on this most basic of clothing? So anyway, we’ve recently talked with a group of people who understand this from both a consumer’s and a designer’s point of view, and managed to tie this up with helping charity as well. To help spread the word about their efforts and spread some good vibes around as well, we’ve partnered with them to host a cool giveaway!

Who’s sponsoring this giveaway?

Help Ink, a group of artists and entrepreneurs working together to aid people in need through the sale of premium art. On their website you’ll find mounted prints, posters and stationery, as well as tees, with 40% of their profits from your purchase going to the designated charity partner. They’ve invited an impressive list of top designers, illustrators, and artists from around the world to use their talents for the benefit of others. Check their website to learn more!

What’s the prize?

A lucky winner will get a free shirt! Their shirts are printed on a cotton/poly (60%/40%) blend from Next Level Apparel and are quite luxurious. Help Ink will also make the regular retail donation to the charity connected to the selected shirt. Here are the available designs:

Help Ink tees

The Good Deeds Tee comes in women’s sizes, so everyone can definitely join!


- Tweet this message to announce that you're participating: “Follow @help_ink and RT this message for a chance to win a t-shirt and do some good via helpink.org. #LoveArtLoveOthers #YTD”
- There is no entry limit. Tweet as many times as you like to better your chances of winning.
- Follow Help Ink on Twitter
- Add You The Designer to your Circles on Google+
- Answer this question in the comments: What good deed have you done to brighten this world lately?

Contest ends on February 18th, 12:00 mn PST!

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